2021 Beachcomber Sunrise,Sunset, After Dark is the perfect way to watch the sunrise and set Honored to Collabarte with Johan Gielen on "Namaste " Blending our styles with an astonishing uplifting (piano) Black Hole Recordings

Beachcomber Sunset a perfect soundtrack to watch the Sunrise , Namaste Beachcomber Remix, Om and Butterfly Beach

Rays of Light Summer Saxophone vibes on Fusion four records.

Think of you Feat Sara Lones with remixes from Madwave and Brian Flinn Black Hole Recordings

Beachcomber Sunset , Sundowners , Dream Catcher and Peace Garden with remixes from Dylhen and Yourr


   2020 kicks of with new remixes of Tantrix ‘ Originally part of the much-loved ‘In Search of Sunrise 2’ compilation album,

TasteXperience’s ‘Tantrix’ now gets the 2020 treatment. TasteXperience’s early 2000’s hit ‘Tantrix’ is back to capture the hearts and minds of the new generation of Trance music lovers through Johan Gielen’s sensational new remix.

The modern rendition is sure to bring fans that much needed euphoria and will have them reeling for more through its captivating melody time and time again.opening track on Tiesto’s world famous in search of sunrise album . New mixes from Johan Gielen , Brian Flinn and Enzo on BlackHole Recordings tasteXperience 

TasteXperience are Russell Barker and Richard Cornish , UK recording artist's , Musicains and producers. Paul Oakenfold was one of the first DJs to champion their emotionally seductive sound, which ranges from pure chill-out to trance, Releases on Polydoor , Emi , Black Hole Recordings ,

2019 new release "Time " Featuring Sara Lones and remix from Madwave on Black Hole Records and Don't Wanna Hide Anymore 'Feat Sara Lones " with remixes by Daniel Wanrooy , Jean Pierre Mirage and Auroa vision . Reaching 13 in the UK music week chart. 

2018 sees the re release of Highlander on Black Hole Records with new remixes from Daniel Wanrooy and Sygma ,



Beyond the Horizon  Black Hole Recordings 2003

Celestrial Dreams[TasteXperience Recordings 2007

Kaleidoscope  TasteXperience Recordings 2008

Vision of Life  TasteXperience Recordings 2012

The Mixes   TasteXperience Recordings  2012

Melodic Variations  Magic Tribe Recordings 2013


Singles / EPs

Frustration [Funr Records] 1992

Free [Polydor Records] 1993

Fantasy World [Funr Records ]1994

The Mother Groove [Funr Records]1995
Summersault feat. Natasha Pearl [Barracuda, Manifesto] 1998-1999

Tantrix [R.T.X.R Records] 2000
Flower Island E.P [Black Hole Recordings] 2002

Highlander [Black Hole Recordings] 2002
Tibetan Nights E.P [TasteXperience Recordings] 2007

Skylines E.P [Black Hole Recordings] 2008

Bushfire [TasteXperience Recordings] 2008

Hydewood [Olympik Records] 2009
Horizontal [Olympik Records] 2009
Spectrum [Olympik Records] 2010
Symphonic E.P [Lyon Echo Records] 2010

Summersault [Perfecto Records ] 2010

Biological  [Lyon Echo Records] 2011

Control [Black Hole Recordings ] 2012

Echo [TasteXperience Recordings] 2012

Fascination [TasteXperience Recordings] 2012

Nocturne [Magic Tribe Recordings] 2013

Glissando [Magic Tribe Recordings]2013

Frustration [Magic Tribe recordings]2014

Rock Face EP [Magic Tribe Recordings] 2014

Heart [Magic Tribe Recordings] 2015

The Beetseekers Remixes [Magic Tribe Recordings] 2015

Robert Vadney Remixes [Magic Tribe Recordings] 2015

August Lane [Tulipa Records] 2016

Heart [Tulipa Records] 2016

Airwaves Remixes [TasteXperience Recordings]2016

Highlander Black Hole Records 2018

Time Black Hole Recordings 2019

Don't Wanna Hide Anymore 2019

Frequency EP  2019

Tantrix Remixes [Black Hole Recordings] 2020

Reach Out Acoustic EP  [Black Hole Recordings] 2020

Reach Out Madwave Remix [Black Hole Recordings] 2020

Namaste with johan Gielen [Black Hole Recordings] 2021

Beachcomber Sunrise EP{Black Hole Recordings} 2021

Rays of Light {Fusion Four Records}2021

Think Of You {Black hole Recordings}2021

Don't Wanna Hide Anymore "Computer Beautiful Remix" {Magic Tribe Recordings}2021

Peace Garden "Yourr Remix" {Black hole Recordings} 2021

Sundowners "Dylhen Remix " {Black Hole Recordings} 2021

Beachcomber Sunset EP {Black hole Recordings} 2021